Exhibition Talks

Lotte Schreiber

Sasha Pirker

In collaboration with Sixpackfilms

Sasha Pirker and Lotte Schreiber’s camera sits on its stand. It records, in black and white, the details and interiors of a building. It draws games of lights and shadows, perspectives for the eye, convergence lines and points of concentration. Most importantly, the camera is a reminder of Walter Benjamin’s essential assessment: a city is to be visited using not only sight but also touch.

Technical sheet


Austria, 2014, Colour and B&W, HD, 9’

Original version: german
Subtitles : english
Script, editing, sound : Sasha Pirker
Photography: Lotte Schreiber
Production: Lotte Schreiber, Sasha Pirker
Distribution: Sixpackfilm

Filmography :
-Thalerhof, 2014
-GHL, 2012
-Tlatelolco, 2011
-A kind of a portrait, 2011
-Git Cut Noise, 2011