Arnold Pasquier

Federico studies architecture in Palermo. He takes pictures and makes drawings of new buildings. Along the way he meets Borobudur, who opens for him the magical
gates to another world, as different from his as black and white is from colour. It marks the beginning of Federico’s metamorphosis journey. Wandering through the streets and construction sites of a mutating city, under Arnold Pasquier’s precise camera, the young man realizes that his body can and must change too.

Technical sheet


France, Italy, 2015, Colour and B&W, HD, Stereo, 80’

Original version : Italian
Subtitles : french
Script: Arnold Pasquier
Photography: Arnold Pasquier
Editing: Arnold Pasquier
Sound: Giorgio Lisciandrello
Production & distribution: Too Many Cowboys

Casting : Giuseppe Provinzano, Federico Urso, Andrea Sciascia, Armaan Bhujun, Mario Trentanelli, Marco Ingrassia, Alberto Monaco, Antonio Raffaele-Adamo, Damiano Ottavio Bigi

Filmography :
– L’Italie, 2012
– Si c’est une île, c’est la Sicile, 2012
– Celui qui aime a raison, 2005