Les cowboys

Julie Chaffort

A few handicapped persons pretend to be heroic cowboys. The rhythm of their lives blends into that of an American western, it takes possession of the secret swamps and the nearby horses that seem to be waiting for something. Despite the torpor of the sun, our contemporary non-violent cowboys with their useless guns have fun with their double roles. Besides the pleasure they take in being themselves, they have one simple wish: that on this land, anyone had the right to express themselves, “Even him!”. (V.P.)
Julie Chaffort

Technical sheet


France 2016 Colour HD, Stéréo 30’
Original version : french.
Subtitles : english.
Script, photography, editing : Julie Chaffort.
Sound : Zébo Louis.
Casting : Danaborga Christiane, Jérôme Baëlen.

Production : Pollen, artistes en résidence Denis Driffort, Est Ensemble, Pantin Samuel Aligand.
Distribution : Julie Chaffort.