El Agua

Elena López Riera

El Agua – water, quite simply – comes back to the village, and moves from the romps in the sky to the riverbed, from the outset threatening to overflow. Rumours fly in the small town, rumours linked to an ancient legend. The río, they say, can fall in love, choose a young girl from the area, and want to keep it to itself, should she love another. In that case, it overflows. It happens, many times in a century. El Agua, in the meantime, meets Ana (Luna Pamies), its character, a seventeen-year old girl living with her grandmother (Nieve de Medina) and her mother (Barbara Lennie) behind the latter’s bar. A myth ready to make a come-back, a heroin ready to appear, two characters, as many forces, water and Ana : a film can now begin.
It will write itself in the space of their encounter. An encounter between a reality and a narrative : between the river and its legend, between the actress and her character, between the village and its film. Between the movement of desire, and that of tradition. At their point of intersection, beauty : something to be built, that the film will have to find, its own mixture of beauty, between fantasy and realism.

Technical sheet

Switzerland, Spain, France / 2022 / Colour / 104'

Version originale : Espagnol
Sous-Titres : Français
Scénario : Elena López Riera, Philippe Azoury
Image : Giuseppe Truppi
Montage : Raphaël Lefevre
Musique : Mandine Knoepfel
Son : Carlos Ibanez, Mathieu Farnarier, Denis Sechaud

Production : Alina Film, Suicafilms, Les Films du Worso
Distribution : Les Films du Losange.