Daouya Achir Feriel

IFA Institut Français Alger | Algiers, Algeria

Daouya Feriel Achir (Algeria, 1993) studied sociology in the University of Algiers. After a first research in photography, she decided to turn the still portraits she was fascinated from, in sounds and moveable images. In this exercise, the use of recital words becomes almost needless, in favor of sounds and stills. This dispositive focus on the inside of character's feelings and personality. By mixing the artificiality of persons' sensitiveness with the her own subjectivity and perception, Daouya Feriel Achir means to go beyond superficial reality.


IFA, Algiers | Algeria / 2020 / 13’

How to film an obsessive passion? This is the bet taken up by Daouya Feriel Achir. Despite several deadly crashes, Amin doesn’t give up. During this long wait, he faces his machines and his dream.