Afaf Steitieh

IESAV Institute for Theater, Audiovisual and Cinematographic Studies | Beirut, Lebanon

Afaf Steitieh (Lebanon, 1999) completed her Bachelor of arts in audio-visual film studies with her film For you, In Silence (2022) from Saint Joseph University of Beirut. She has worked mainly as an art director on multiple films, ads and music videos. She has shot and directed her own intimate shorts and documentaries. Her work reflects her poetic style and the subjects that inspire her the most : self-reflection, dissociation of the self/body, childhood and the struggle of youth.


IESAV, Beirut | Lebanon / 2022 / 24’

Summer. Jude is spending his last days of vacation, while meeting a new friend. Playing with ellipses and the belief in images, Afaf Steitieh draws a sensitive evocation of an inner drama.