Thibault Puech

ENSAV Higher National School of Cinema | Toulouse, France

Thibault Puech (France, 1997), befor graduating in BA in cinema, directed a few short films on his own as a teen. Then, he entered the cinema school ENSAV Toulouse and specialized in filmmaking. His films are often anchored in a rural environment. It’s in these places that he likes to question family relationships, childhood, human obsessions and flaws. In his work, he shows the complexity of humans throughout a mix of genres and ambiances with characters that often feel lonely and lost in their lives.


ENSAV, Toulouse | France / 2022 / 14’

Winter 1996, in the Cevennes. Pierre is 20 years old and lives alone with his mother Emmanuelle in a cottage near the woods. When he doesn’t work at the grocery store, he spends his time changing and putting back together the missing notices of his little brother Paul, who has strangely disappeared at the river a year earlier.