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Juliette Dominati

Juliette Dominati
A woman in her forties, a young adult, a little girl: Lola, at three different stages of her life. The eldest tells the others her memories as they act them out. On the set, papier-mâché settings and cardboard props with bright colours. A way to keep the violence of memory at bay, to make the visceral filmable? Traumatic episodes follow in rapid succession, with the car as their main setting: the brother’s death in a car accident when Lola was 6, her dog when she was 26, a break-up aged 30… This concatenation of representations and embodiments speeds through a destiny, until finally a pack of dogs brings back an element of unpredictability. (Nathan Letoré)

  • Sentiers expanded

Technical sheet

France / 2021 / Colour /20’

Original version : french
Subtitles : english
Script : Juliette Dominati
Photography : Samuel Esselincks
Editing : Juliette Daems
Sound : Thomas Becqua
With : Virginie Colemyn, Iliana Zabeth, Alison Valence, Anne-Elodie Sorlin, Nicole Mersey-Ortega, Gary Desgrines
Production : Elodie Wattiaux (Le Fresnoy).