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Bruno Lourenço

Bruno Lourenço
In the Montesinho natural reserve, in the north of Portugal, the extravagant reappearance of a bear triggers a series of reactions and diverging interests. A beekeeper claims to have seen the beast destroying his bee-hives but having been unable to film it because of his low phone battery. A young forest guard proudly claims that having seen bears on TV, she would doubtless be able to recognize one in real life. Under the cover of a hilarious criss-crossing of roleplays and red herrings, of tales told by unreliable narrators, Bruno Lourenço delivers with Oso a chronicle of youth, depicting interactions between generations and drawing the portrait of a rural community. (Nathan Letoré)

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Technical sheet

Portugal / 2021 / Colour / 16 mm / 29’

Original version : portuguese
Subtitles : english
Script : Bruno Lourenço, Telmo Churro
Photography : Hugo Azevedo
Editing : Telmo Churro
Sound : António Pedro Figueiredo, Miguel Martins
With : António Mortágua, Sofia Pires, Joaquim Carvalho, Paulo Barroso
Production : Luis Urbano & Sandro Aguilar (O Som E A Fúria)
Distribution : Joaquim Pinheiro (Agencia – Portuguese Short Film Agency)
Filmography : Tony, 2019.