Bamboo Flower

Kiyé Simon Luang


Genre: Drama
Length: 90’
Production : Shellac Sud (France)
Producer: Thomas Ordonneau
Project status: Script
Budget : 1 200 000 €
Acquired budget: 16 220 €
Shooting country: Laos

Goodbye Mister Wong / 2020 / 100’
Tuk tuk / 2013 / 53’
Ici finit l’exil / 2009/ 82’


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Laos, 1866. Hirondelle d’Or, a mysterious spy, follows closely the Mekong exploration mission led by Captain De Castel. As the expedition moves deeper into the country, the young woman and the military man attract each other, become closer and fall in love. The botanist Odile Dubuisson and her daughter Marie explore the jungles of northern Laos, 150 years later, following in the footsteps of their illustrious ancestor. Referring to a poem by the explorer: On the branch of the bamboo / The larva of the butterfly / One day will become a flower, Odile understands that he has seen the giant bamboo bloom. She also understands that the giant bamboo will bloom again. This is the perfect opportunity for her to witness a rare event. From then on, the story intertwines present and past. The passionate story of Hirondelle d’Or and De Castel is revealed to Odile and Marie as they progress in their research until they uncover their family secret: before their tragic death, they had a child, Fleur de bambou. Kiyé Simon Luang

Joshua Bonnetta

Kyoshi Sugita

Cristi Puiu

Isabel Pagliai

Óscar Vincentelli

Maureen Fazendeiro