All the Renaults in the World

Declan Clarke


Genre : Essay Film
Length: 90’
Autoproduction : Declan Clarke (Germany)
Project status: Development
Budget : 200 000 €
Acquired budget: 12 000 €
Shooting countries: France, Italy

A mythic brand, three iconic cars, and three dead bodies inside the Renault’s trunk : the American actress Jean Seberg, the Italian politician Aldo Moro, and the French CEO of Renault, Georges Besse. Here are the starting points of Declan Clarke’s film, from where he deploys a larger narrative and reflexion on the intricate relationship between capitalist development, the supression of industrial policies and the expansion of privatisation, as well as the implication of international secret services and underground political networks. Declan Clarke

Note of intention

As the desperate and unfortunate state of contemporary Europe now attests, the past casts a hauntingly long shadow from which it is difficult to emerge. The problems that came out at the end of WWII were played out bitterly in Europe, firstly through an artificially constructed division, and latter by a generational one. Both used violence and conflict as means of discourse.
To better process the failures of the present, I think that we must examine more closely those of the past. We are still very much defined by the boundaries that were established a century ago. The key players that shaped the end of the 20th century are still controlling the narrative that molds the present. For me, the question of what and who forged those perspectives becomes primordial to understand how we ended up where we are. The established countries’ secret networks did not dissolve with the Cold War but became more centralized, within governments. Large financial trade deals have become the standard means of international diplomacy, as European states sell off key national assets, from industry to football clubs, in the hope of buying control abroad. The failures of the 1970’s and 80’s tunneled the only available route, but are we on the Eurostar, or neck-deep in the dark waters of Andrej Wajda’s Kanal?


Declan Clarke

Artist and filmmaker based in Berlin. He has been working with the medium of film for the last twenty years. His film Saturn and Beyond won the Georges de Beauregard International Award at FID Marseille 2021.


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