Isabel Pagliai


Genre: Documentary – Fiction
Length: 85’
Production : 5A7 Films (France)
Producers: Martin Bertier, Helen Olive
Project status: Development
Budget : 175 376 €
Acquired budget: 52 156 €
Shooting country: North Korea

Tendre / 2020 / 43’
Orfeo / 2016 / 14’
Isabella Morra / 2015 / 22’


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What does the waitress at the Haebangsan Hotel bar in Pyongyang dream of while her customers wander the streets of the city? Having just turned 30, can she still hope for a better life? She, who already lives in Neverland, the place « the Lost Boys » dreamed up, where a little country girl and her grandmother will soon venture and get lost. In North Korea, where all stories seem to be written in advance, I will invite these three women to reimagine Pyongyang as if it were their « Neverland » and to become its main characters in adventures that take them through the city. Following this experience, will the grandmother and granddaughter wish to stay in Neverland, a timeless place where you can experience the power of imagination? Or like some Lost Children who sometimes wish to return to the real world despite the dangers of the journey, will the waitress seek out a new horizon? True to Peter Pan’s words: « To die would be an awfully big adventure! ». Isabel Pagliai

Kiyé Simon Luang

Joshua Bonnetta

Kyoshi Sugita

Cristi Puiu

Óscar Vincentelli

Maureen Fazendeiro