Óscar Vincentelli


Genre : Fiction
Durée : 70’
Production: Lejos Lejos (Spain)
Producer: Elisa Celda
Production : Sumendi (Spain)
Producer: Ander Sagardoy
Project status: Development
Budget : 600 000 €
Acquired budget: 20 000 €
Shooting country: Spain

La sangre es blanca / 2021 / 13’
Violeta + Guillermo / 2018 / 6’
Lenda negra / 2016 / 28’
O Tremor / 2015 / 18’


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After the return to Europe of Columbus’ first expedition, two Eyerís Indian twins named Bohique and Guaba arrive in Spain using the technology of foreign ships, being the first American to set foot in Europe. The Eyerís along with the sailors are confined by Pinzón, the captain of the ship, in houses far from the village while he notifies the return of the expedition to the Catholic Monarchs. Everyone celebrates the return to land while awaiting the return of the Captain, but the twins come with a mission: to inseminate the land of the foreigners. To do so, Guaba must die and become seed and Bohique must get it and sow it. Guaba’s spirit guides Rui Gallego and his brother, the only witnesses to his death, to find the seed. The Eyerís instruct the sailors in the formation of the conucos, the Eyerí method of sowing. When they finish the cultivation, Bohique plants the seed of his twin. A solar eclipse leaves the world in darkness. In the midst of this darkness, a root begins to sprout. Oscar Vincentelli

Kiyé Simon Luang

Joshua Bonnetta

Kyoshi Sugita

Cristi Puiu

Isabel Pagliai

Maureen Fazendeiro