Amina Maher


Production : Schuldenberg Films (Germany)
Producers: Sophie Ahrens, Fabian Altenried
Production : Rmad (Germany)
Producer: Lorena Junghans
Project status: Development
Budget : 580 000 €
Acquired budget: 120 000 €
Shooting countries: Germany, United-Kingdom, Iran

Out of Frame / 2022 / 14’
Where is the Friend‘s Home / 2022 / 12’
Letter to My Mother / 2019 / 19’
Orange / 2015 / 15’
Sweet Gin and Cold Wine / 2013 / 24’


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I Look Like My Mother follows Amina Maher’s courageous journey to free herself from the constraints of norms, taboos and traditions. Her coming-out as a trans woman is her rebellious stand against rape culture and patriarchy, and her strong support for a future beyond cis-normativity. Ten by Kiarostami recorded ten-year-old Amina sitting in the passenger seat of her mother’s car without her consent. Now, she has taken the wheel, driving her actress mother, Mania Akbari, through Berlin – in a new body and with a new name, Amina. On her journey, Amina navigates through highs and lows with humour and energy, looking to transform the overshadowing past in playful dream sequences and in honest discussions with her queer community. With sheer endless creative energy, she transforms her present and past experiences into beautiful elegies of a struggle for her own truth – in her own terms. There is nothing to stop Amina from putting her foot down on the accelerator now. Mania Akbari

Kiyé Simon Luang

Joshua Bonnetta

Kyoshi Sugita

Cristi Puiu

Isabel Pagliai

Óscar Vincentelli

Maureen Fazendeiro