• An ukrainian youth


Yana Bachynska

Yana Bachynska
Originally from Lviv, Yana Bachynska (b. 1991) is a multi-media artist and researcher based in Kyiv. His practice encompasses installation, performance, drawing and moving-image work, sometimes with a queer/LGBT and transgressive perspective. This curt first-person essay concern the “strange legacy” of his militaristic grandfather, a professor whose violence was passed down to the director’s father. Bachynska imaginatively engages with (and exorcises?) this troubled past via artistic interrogations of the grandfather’s “skins” i.e. his general’s uniform and academic gown. (N.Y.)

  • An ukrainian youth

Technical sheet

Ukraine / 2020 / Colour / 5’

Original version : english
Script : Yana Bachynska
Photography : Yana Bachynska
Editing : Yana Bachynska
Sound : Yana Bachynska
Production : Yana Bachynska.