• An ukrainian youth

Впустіть Війну!



Oksana Andreieva (b.1986), a.k.a. AntiGonna, is a transgressive, radical figure in the Ukrainian and Polish art-scenes: in recent years she has worked extensively in Kyiv, Odesa and Warsaw. Her practice straddles video-art, experimental documentary, music-video, VR and photography—invariably with a queer, uncompromisingly punk spirit—and runs in tandem with her parallel career as a “trash model.” First part of a series of “Kyiv [sic] Porn Horrors,” Enter the WAR! hurls us into a sensually lo-fi, subterranean maelstrom of visual and aural sex-positive excess that recalls (and rivals) Hieronymous Bosch, Derek Jarman and the Kuchars. (N.Y.)

  • An ukrainian youth

Technical sheet

Ukraine / 2017 / Colour and B&W / 4’

Original version : No dialogue
Script : Oksana Andreieva
Image : Andrey Boyko
Editing : AntiGonna
Production : AntiGonna (AniGonStaff).
Filmography : Baiat, 2022
Lucid Skin, 2022
Raves on the Bones, 2022
Imitation leaser or Ladder of love for a woman, 2022
Zwierciadlo, 2021
The Bloodsucker and The Slut, 2021
Kissing the eye, 2021
Endless story of diseases, 2021
Kata-Komba, 2021
The Date, 2019
13-th Nostril or Gamynkulo, 2018.