• An ukrainian youth


Stanislav Bytiutskyi

A film-critic/researcher and programmer, Stanislav Bytiutskyi (b. Kyiv 1984) assembles a fictional work with documentary feel. 24 is for much of its length an exercise in encroaching darkness as two 24-year-old refugees from war-torn eastern Ukraine (both of them born in the year of the country’s independence) chew over their lives in the tranquil apartment which provides them with a temporary safe haven. Stranded by circumstances in an unfamiliar environment, the disoriented duo must live vicariously by observing “normal” lives on TV or on the street. Post tenebras… lux? (Neil Young)

  • An ukrainian youth

Technical sheet

Ukraine / 2016 / Colour / DV PAL / 38’

Original version : russian
Subtitles : english
Script : Stanislav Bytiutskyi
Photography : Stanislav Bytiutskyi
Editing : Stanislav Bytiutskyi
Sound : Kateryna Herasymchuk
With : Ksenia Kalinichenko, Kyrylo Karachentsev
Production : Stanislav Bytiutskyi
Filmography : Intolerance, 2020
Tomorrow You’ll Definitely Get Better, 2017
Goodbye, Cinephiles, 2014.