• An ukrainian youth


Yarema Malashchuk

Roman Himey

Yarema Malashchuk, Roman Himey
From Kyiv-based duo Yarema&Khimei (see New City of Friends), an enigmatic docu-fiction hybrid which teasingly plays with expectation and mood—only revealing the specific nature of its subject-matter during its rousing, disarming finale. Up to this point the film has comprised glimpses of adults and children in various spaces located within a large, unidentifiable building. These wordless, quietly quotidian moments, seemingly unremarkable in themselves, achieve an ominous intensity through composition and editing until the climactic release is achieved by means of a Modest Mussorgsky choral-work. (N.Y.)

  • An ukrainian youth

Technical sheet

Ukraine / 2018 / Colour / 10’

Original version : russian
Subtitles : english
Script : Yarema Malashchuk, Roman Khimei
Photography : Yarema Malashchuk, Roman Khimei
Editing : Yarema Malashchuk, Roman Khimei
Sound : Serhii Avdeyev
Production : Yarema Malashchuk & Roman Khimei (Contemporary Ukrainian Cinema).
Filmography : The Wanderer, 2022
How It’s Made, 2021
So They Won’t Say We Don’t Remember, 2021
Live Stream, 2020
New Jerusalem, 2020
Dedicated To The Youth Of The World II, 2019
In Memory of Lost Love, 2018
State Institution, 2017
Kyiv’s Youth Leaving a Grocery Store, 2017
Dedicated To The Youth Of The World, 2016.