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Serge Garcia

Serge Garcia
The actor-director picks up the old telephone, hangs up, over and over again ; the soundman records all the takes. We are on the film set of Declan Clarke’s latest opus, What are the wild waves saying? (FID 2022). To concentrate on the sound takes of an almost silent film : here is an economy of attention, of caring for details. Serge Garcia shows us a string of sequences of flourishing activity, culminating in collective silence and careful listening. Until in the end Declan Clarke shares, in voice-over, his artistic and intellectual heritage, the nexus of all the moments of labour and observation shown here. (Nathan Letoré)

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Technical sheet

United States, Ireland, Germany / 2022 / Colour / 16 mm / 9’

Original version : english
Subtitles : english
Script : Serge Garcia
Photography : Serge Garcia
Editing : Serge Garcia
Sound : Serge Garcia
With : Declan Clarke
Production : Declan Clarke (Trouble Pictures).
Selective Filmography: A General Disappointment, 2022
Cycle One, 2021
Grand Central Hotel, 2021
El Patojo, 2020
Noncompliant, 2019
Gordo As Gordo, 2019
A Child Of House: Shaun J.Wright, 2019 Jackie House, 2018.