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Nataliya Ilchuk

Nataliya Ilchuk
Ukrainian youths, hanging out, by day and night. Metalhead piercings, self-portrait questionnaires, the circulation of desire. The poverty of the images tells of amateur DV cameras, mobile phones are old Nokia 3310s: the rushes date back to 2005-2007, to the director’s youth. The political situation of a divided nation is hinted at: the number of russian-speaking ukrainians, the electoral success of the pro- Russia Party of Regions. The director edits these remains of an intimate past, rereading them today in light not only of the conflict with Russia, but also of changes in sociability and in our relation to images. Occasionally, she slows these down to a standstill, freezes them into photograms: manufacturing memories. (Nathan Letoré)

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Technical sheet

Ukraine / 2022 / Colour / 30’

Original version : : ukrainian, russian
Subtitles : english, french
Script : Nataliya Ilchuk
Photography : Nataliya Ilchuk
Editing : Nataliya Ilchuk
Sound : Nataliya Ilchuk
Production : Nataliya Ilchuk (Non Jour).
Filmography : Sensitive Material, 2021
kitchen.blend, 2020
Maternit, 2019.