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Mario Marret

Mario Marret
Nossa Terra is a combat film, an urgent film, shot during the guerilla warfare surrounding Guinea-Bissau’s struggle for independence in the mid-1960s. Before becoming a politically committed filmmaker, Mario Marret had been a resistance fighter, an anarchist activist, a radio operator, an explorator. Making his way in French anti-colonial activist circles, he moved closer to the PAIGC (the movement for independence in Guinea and Cape Verde), who was then interested in cinema as a combat tool. He will be the first director to join the struggle. “It was a testimony. Never mind the format, the camera, all these things, a filmmaker was present. The filmmaker must be at the place where the world is made, when it is made. (Mario Marret)”(Léa Morin)

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Technical sheet

Guinée-Bissau / 1966 / Colour / 35’

Original version : french
Subtitles : english
Script : Mario Marret
Photography : Mario Marret
Sound : Isidro Romero
Production : PAIGC Guinée Bissau (Geba Filmes)
Distribution : Léa Morin (Talitha).