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Annett Wolf

Annett Wolf has had many lives, and it’s not over. Now 85 years old, she has moved to Halifax (Canada) with the hope of filming a snow wolf, a vision from her childhood that haunts her, the Wolf.
Here, we are in 1972 in Sweden, Jerry is shooting The Day the Clown Cried, that film he never wanted to release, but that we might see in 2025… but that’s another story.
Annett has just spent a week on set, it’s her last evening, it’s 2 a.m., Jerry is beyond exhaustion, and in a sordid office, Annett will slowly bring him to enjoy talking to HER. It’s overwhelming, and it will make you curious to know who is this woman who has directed more than 150 films, notably for Danish TV (their own A.S. Labarthe), but not only. It took a madman, Damien Bertrand, to unearth all this and start bringing Annette Wolf’s work back to life… I wanted, after the laughter, the invisible work, the fluidity of The Ladies Man, to undergo the anxiety, the work, the illness that it is to want to make people laugh!
(M. A.)
Annett Wolf Mathieu Amalric

Post-film video chat with Annett Wolf from Canada for the Wednesday, July 6 screening
Annett Wolf Mathieu Amalric

Link to Annett Wolf’s Wikipedia page : https://bit.ly/3yF6tYH

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Technical sheet

Denmark / 1972 / Colour / 16 mm / 40’

Original version : english
Subtitles : french
Script : Annett Wolf
Photography : Eivind Ronn
Sound : Mariette Dahlgren

Production : Annett Wolf (DR).

Selective filmography :
Producer / Director for danish television

Dexter Gordon (1964)
Charles Chaplin, l’homme, le clown et le cinéaste (1965)
Le Monde Visuel de Marcel Marceau (1967)
Boris Vian / Erik Mørk (1969)
Le Monde de… séries de portraits : Jacques Brel (1972), Barbara (1972), Jerry Lewis (1972), Peter Ustinov (1973), Peter Sellers (1975), Dave Allen (1975), Alfred Hitchcock (1976)
Le Temps de Vivre (1974) L’histoire de la chanson française racontée par ses interprètes, panorama en 3 parties,
Jack Lemmon – A Twist of Lemmon (1976)
Telly Savalas alias Theo Kojak (1976)
Hurray for Hollywood (Hollywood 76 / 77) – 1977 Etat des lieux de la production hollywoodienne, panorama en 3 parties

Producer / Independant Director in United States

Elvis in Concert – 1977 (co- Dwight Hemion)
Nombreux making of pour les studios hollywoodiens : Jaws 2 (1978), Star Trek, The Motion Picture (1979), Dracula (1979), 48hrs.(1980), Missing -1982 etc.
Le Monde d’Ingmar Bergman (1983)
Face to Face with Rudolf Nureyev (1985)
Crossfire (1987) : la guerre des gangs à Los Angeles racontée par les Bloods