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Marie Voignier

Marie Voignier
In I Like Politics too, Marie Voignier continues her attentive exploration of countries where imaginary worlds, layers of history and present-day issues are intertwined – from post-communist East Germany (Hinterland, FID 2009) to Africa (L’hypothèse du Mokele Mbembé, FID 2011, Tinselwood, FID 2017). As borders are closing rather than opening, becoming not so much points of passage as obstacles and zones of anchorage, we find ourselves on a nearby border in the Roya Valley, in the hills above Nice, between France and Italy. Opening: in the distance – a bridge. Two silhouettes. A few words. We grasp that here the issue here will be meeting and greeting. But what is hospitality? Solidarity? Not so straight forward. The challenge is to pay heed to those who are giving the welcome, allowing them ample space to reflect on what is at stake, for themselves and others. A question of gestures just as much as words. Words in action and deeply rooted, like the man working away in his orchard who compares his shared garden to the Earth, or the volunteer telling his story at the wheel of his car, as he transports three young women. From one story to the next the film emerges, investigating movement, geography and what moves us inside, as we move between this so-called inner world and the outside world that shakes us up. This drives the decision to film inside and out of cars, and the landscapes, seen from the train or through the windows of prepared bedrooms. A decisive reverse shot – a conversation between two Sudanese refugees who have become volunteers, periodically punctuates the film. A play on borders, positions in flux and hastily thwarted assignments, as illustrated in the final conversation which takes the form of a rebound. (Nicolas Feodoroff)

  • CNAP Award  
  • CNAP Award  
  • French Competition

Technical sheet

France / 2022 / Colour / 58’

Original version : french, arab, italian, english
Subtitles : french
Script : Marie Voignier
Photography : Thomas Favel, Léa Guintrand, Roxane Perrot, Marie Voignier
Editing : Molla Rodolphe
Sound : Pourchier Jean, Fourel Thomas
Production : Claire Migraine (Thankyouforcoming – Nouveaux commanditaires)
Distribution : Bonjour Cinéma
Selective filmography : Na China, 2020
Tinselwood, 2017
Tourisme International, 2014
L’Hypothèse du Mokélé-Mbembé, 2011
Hinterland, 2009