• International Competition


Sofia Bohdanowicz

Burak Çevik

Blake Williams

“The following is a story that is somewhat true, I present it as it happened, with adornment.” This phrase, which is the cornerstone of A Woman Escapes, by Audrey Benac is a twist on the famous phrase at the beginning of Robert Bresson’s A Man Escaped. Sofia Bohdanowicz’s lonely, grieving alter ego Audrey is wandering around in an apartment in Paris which belongs to her friend Juliane, who has recently passed away. Over views of Istanbul, Burak’s deep voice evokes a parcel received by mistake, which was destined for Audrey/Sofia, sent by a certain Blake: a small 3D camera. Images of the young woman in a bus winding its way through landscape marks the start, not just of a correspondence, but of a film that circulates – driven by images, sounds and dreams. The three characters’ voices mingle with interlaced stereoscopic views, the grain of 16mm film and 4K images, in an exchange articulated in the form of a plait – like the hallah Audrey bakes. As mentioned at the start, A Woman Escapes forsakes Bressonian austerity and completely embraces the ornaments of its own narrative – twists and artifice and a profusion of images and colours. Quotation and reuse are the staging rationales of this palimpsestic film, as the first letter sent by Blake to Audrey seems to illustrate. It describes Zen for Film by Nam June Paik, a work in a state of constant reinvention as it is altered and dust accumulates on a blank film. Title cards go from blue to red (the colours of 3D glasses) via a whole range of shades of magenta. From the first images showing Juliane’s gestures to the last ones, where the same gestures are repeated by Audrey, A Woman Escapes sets out a trajectory that seems to turn cinema into a manifesto for healing.
(Louise Martin Papasian) Sofia Bohdanowicz Burak Çevik Blake Williams

  • International Competition

Technical sheet

Canada, Turkey / 2022 / Colour / 16 mm, HD, 3D / 81’

Original version : english, turkish
Subtitles : english
Script : Sofia Bohdanowicz, Burak Çevik, Blake Williams
Photography : Blake Williams, Sofia Bohdanowicz, Burak Çevik
Editing : Blake Williams, Sofia Bohdanowicz, Burak Çevik
Music : Sarah Davachi
Son : Blake Williams, Sofia Bohdanowicz.
Avec : Deragh Campbell, Blake Williams, Burak Çevik

Production : Sofia Bohdanowicz (Maison du Bonheur Films), Burak Çevik (Fol Film), Blake Williams (BlueMagenta Films)

Filmography :
Sofia Bohdanowicz : Point and Line to Plane, 2020. MS Slavic 7, 2019. Veslemøy’s Song, 2018. The Soft Space, 2018. Maison du bonheur, 2017. A Drownful Brilliance of Wings, 2016. Never Eat Alone, 2016. Last Poem, 2013. Dalsza Modlitwa, 2013. Wieczór, 2013. Modlitwa (A Prayer), 2013.

Burak Çevik : While Cursed by Specters, 2020. A Topography of Memory, 2019. Belonging, 2019. The Pillar of Salt, 2018.

Blake Williams : 2008, 2019. PROTOTYPE, 2017. Something Horizontal, 2015. Red Capriccio, 2014. Many a Swan, 2012. Coorow-Latham Road, 2011.