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Marwa Arsanios

A prospective wish is announced at the very beginning: “Imagine a land without ownership”. Ownership? Since when? How? Where? With which implications? This is what Marwa Arsanios endeavours to discover in the fourth part of her meticulous ongoing project whose generic title is Who is Afraid of ideology? After documenting feminist experiments of community autonomy in Lebanon, Kurdistan and Syria (Who is Afraid of ideology? I&II, FID 2019), Marwa Arsanios ventures a hypothesis in the form of speculative fiction, from a remote piece of land in Lebanon, a cut in a stone quarry. In this small piece of land, a few sidekicks make that postulate, and slowly share stories of domination and exploitation. This land has a complicated administrative, legal, geological and biological history. First, with the domination of empires (Ottoman, French) over colonised peoples, with their laws, but also the domination of human beings over the earth. And moving forward with the abolition hypothesis, how do we restore a common reality? How do we break the chain of property? Marwa Arsanios uses this opportunity to imagine renewed connections with the earth, all life forms included. It is all about images, then, and viewpoint, as suggested by the handheld camera, as a starting point for a new perception, stripped of any kind of anthropocentrism. Similarly, the digital images at the beginning and the end of the film are like brackets allowing that disruption in the usual workings of the world and in our thought. It is also about History itself, considered from another perspective, and about the openings and opportunities offered by its reverse angle, as the title suggests. (Nicolas Feodoroff)

  • CNAP Award  
  • International Competition

Technical sheet

Germany, Lebanon / 2022 / Colour / 35’

Original version : arabic, english
Subtitles : english
Script : Marwa Arsanios, Wissam Saade
Photography : Mazen Hachem
Editing : Katrin Ebersohn
Music : Rabih Beaini
Sound : Katrin Ebersohn, Jochen Jezussek
Casting : Salma Said, Nancy Nasseredeen, Nagham Darwich, Mohammad Shawky Hassan, Mohammed Blakah
Production : Marwa Arsanios.

Filmography :
Who is Afraid of Ideology? part 3 Micro Resistencias, 2020
Who is Afraid of Ideology? part 1&2, 2017-2019
Amateurs, Stars and Extras or the Labor of Love, 2018
Falling is not Collapsing Falling is Extending, 2016
Olga’s Notes or Learning to Dance, 2015
Have you Ever Killed a Bear or Becoming Jamila, 2014
I’ve Heard 3 Stories, 2009
I’ve Heard Stories 1, 2008.