Ben Rivers

Ben Rivers took up the challenge of making a film without ever leaving home. Over four seasons, he observes himself as an intruder, praying that his director’s instinct will match the magic of chance as it arranges elements before his camera. When the year comes to an end and Ben Rivers wakes up in a world that has become virtual, he unearths the traces of primitive times. (VP)

Technical sheet


United-Kingdom, 2014, Colour and B&W, 16 mm, Stéréo, 21’

Original version : english.
Photography, editing, sound : Ben Rivers.

Production : Ben Rivers (LUX).

Filmography : A Spell To Ward Off The Darkness, 2013, Phantoms of a Libertine, 2012, The Creation As We Saw It, 2012, Two Years at Sea, 2011, Sack Barrow, 2011