Clara Teper

Master des Métiers du Film Documentaire de l’Université Aix-Marseille | Aix-en-Provence, France

Born in Paris in 1992, Clara Teper first studied philosophy. Her questioning about so-cial classes, political awareness and the revolutionary struggle is already central in her research. She turns to documentary studies to work out in her practice the role films can play in the emancipation process.


France, 2016, 56’

After a four-year struggle against their former employer, the multinational company Unilever, the ones we call “Fralibs” have taken back their factory and collectively manage their workers’ cooperative, the Scopti. Shot a few months after the production was relaunched, this film is an immersion into the cooperative. After such a long fight, con-cluded with such a wonderful victory, how does each of them feel? What does it mean to transform work in a neo-liberal economy? Clara Teper