Mariam El Mouchaouq

ESAV | École Supérieure des Arts Visuels | Marrakech | Morocco

Born in 1991 in Meknès, Morocco, Mariam el Mouchaouq started law studies before to switch to journalism after arriving in Lebanon. In 2012, she got back to Morrocco aiming to report on the social issues. Passionate about art, about people life stories, she entered the École Supérieure des Arts Visuels of Marrakech (ESAV), coming up to filmmaking as a medium to express her beliefs. In 2015 she attended the Emile Catillon Jury of the Interna-tional French speking film festival of Na-mur. She graduated from the ESAV Marrakech in 2016 after directing a documentary and a short film.


Morocco, 2015, 12’

« In immense mountains, far from the technology and the modernity, Yassine, a 10-year old boy, lives. His love for his family and his father can be read in his being, in histenderness and in the time he gives to run his father’s livelihood.
Yassine is short but responsible and skilled as a tall one. His land may not have provided him the commodity he needed, nor the best schools for learning. Still, his land is faithful, peaceful, and when it is dark, he can walk along for hours in the vast mountains, calm and confident, fearless and his land’s faith is the promise not to leave it ever, until his last gasp. » Mariam El Mouchaouq