From 5 to 8 July at the BLUM Brasserie, 3pm to 5pm.
Free admission

In partnership with Radio Grenouille.

In addition to in-cinema discussions, FIDMarseille will be holding one hour and a half of talks and discussions to reflect on the contemporary situation of independent cinema, to take a wider look at the artistic choices of the 34th edition of the festival and delve deeper into the questions they raise, every Wednesday to Saturday afternoon in the relaxed setting of the Brasserie Blum.

One meeting will be devoted to Paul Vecchiali and his legacy: how to produce, how to work with actors, what is artisanal cinema ?
Another meeting will be dedicated to the young filmmaking scene from Marseille. What makes it so vibrant? Which actors, what networks, and what films are made and how?

Based on films from the Official Selection, the first and fourth meetings will address questions central to contemporary independent cinema: that of the image (in the sense of film photography), its visual and political issues, and that of first films, and their specific issues regarding production, fabrication and distribution.

Wednesday, July 5th at 4pm

Making your first film: filmmakers accounts and the role of festivals

With the filmmakers Whit Stillman (Metropolitan, 1990), Claire Doyon (Les Lionceaux, 2003), Ghassan Salhab (Phantom Beirut, 1998), Nader Ayach (Renaissance, FIDMarseille 2023), Camille LLobet (Pacheû, FIDMarseille 2023), Clément Roussier and Hadrien Mossaz (In Silence and Clamour, FIDMarseille 2023), as well as Julien Rjl (Quinzaine des cinéastes General Delegate) Moderated by Louise Martin Papasian (FIDMarseille Selection Committee member) and Thomas Ordonneau (Shellac)

Thursday, July 6th at 4pm

Filmmaker, producer, actor, craftsman: Paul Vecchiali’s many facets. Looking back on his life and work with his collaborators and entourage.

With Astrid Adverbe (actor), Pascale Bodet (filmmaker; critic), Vincent Commaret (editor), Malik Saad (producer, actor), Gaël Teicher (producer, editor), Marie-Claude Treilhou (filmmaker, actor). Moderated by Damien Bertrand (filmmaker, critic and programmer)

Friday, July 7th at 4pm

Other ways of making films: the new vitality in Marseilles Collectives, networks, solidarity.

With Jérémy Gravayat et Darjeeling Bouton (filmmaker, Labo Largent member), David Yon (filmmaker, I Will Never Heal, FIDMarseille 2023), Mathilde Girard (filmmaker, writer, director, The Night Drags On, FIDMarseille 2023) and Léo Richard (editor and filmmaker, editor of The Night Drags On, FIDMarseille 2023), Martine Derain (administrator at the cinema Polygone étoilé, editor) et Cyrielle Faure (director, Polygone étoilé’s filmmaker collective member), Claire Lasolle (Videodrome 2, FIDMarseille Selection Committee member).

Moderated by Mario Bompard (Radio Grenouille). 

Saturday, July 8th at 4pm

Image-making on screen: aesthetic and technical choices

With the chief director and filmmaker Caroline Champetier, to mark the publication of the book La Fabrication de l’image au cinéma (Editions de l’œil, director Caroline Champetier and Giusi Pisano). As well as the filmmaker Maxime Martinot, the chief director Raimon Gaffier (Le Chant des asphodèles, FIDMarseille 2023) and the artist and filmmaker Deimantas Narkevicius (Twittering Soul, FIDMarseille 2023). Moderated by Nicolas Feodoroff (FIDMarseille).