Jen Debauche

A sturdy and rustic man goes from one activity to another. Sometimes really self-assured and active, other times awkward and vulnerable, he suddenly comes into frame, exhausts himself through the repetition of the same action or the same shot, stammering. A fascination for matter of any size allows us to watch and hear this dynamic in black and white on film. Sylvie Bouteiller makes the sounds fizzle, Mehdi Ayari puts them together, Jen Debauche seizes Patrick Leffler as a fascinating loner. (GG)

Technical sheet


Belgium, 2015, Black & white, 16 mm, 50’

Original version : No dialogue.
Script : Jen Debauche.
Photography : Sébastien Koeppel, Jen Debauche.
Editing : Lou Vercelletto, Jen Debauche.
Sound : Sylvie Bouteiller, Mehdi Ayari.
Casting : Patrick Lefler.

Production : Koen Fransen (Alfredo Garcia Productions).
Distribution : François Rapaille (Blast Productions).

Filmography : 2015 – 2010 : Les petites filles friables