Manon de Boer

As an opening, landscapes are shown but the sound environment exceeds the precision of the film medium, then a voice makes its way through the noise. Evocation breaks away from observation. It tackles deeper phenomena. It attempts to verbalize inwardness. With a vocal quintet of artists, musicians or dancers, without playing a melody, without filming a body, An Experiment in Leisure exceeds the field of the visible and the audible, in the footsteps of psychoanalyst, painter and writer Marion Milner. (GG)
Manon de Boer

Technical sheet


Belgium, 2016, Couleur, 16 mm, 36’,

Original version : dutch, french, english.
Subtitles : english.
Photography : Léo Lefèvre.
Editing : Manon de Boer.
Sound : Laszlo Umbreit.
Casting : Sara De Roo, Sirah Foighel Brutmann, Latifa Laâbissi, Michael Schmid, Christophe Wavelet.

Production & distribution : Auguste Orts.

Filmography :
– Maud Capturing the Light ‘On a Clear Day, 2015
– On a Warm Day in July’, 2015
– Sequenza, 2014
One, two, many, 2012
Think about Wood, Think about Metal, 2011
– Dissonant, 2010
– Two Times 4’33″, 2008
– Attica, 2008
– Villes Saisies / Gewonnen Steden, 2007
– Presto, Perfect Sound, 2006
Resonating Surfaces, 2005
Sylvia Kristel-Paris, 2003
– Thirteen elusive moments out of one second, 2001
– Robert, juni, 1996-2007
– Laurien, maart, 1996-2015