Michael Robinson


Director : Michael Robinson
First feature film

Country : USA
Genre : Fiction
Length : 90′
Project state : Script
Budget : 491 000 €
Acquired budget : 67 000 €

Production company : The Hamilton Film Group
Producer : Matthew Porterfield

The Hamilton Film Group
– Take what you can carry / Matthew Porterfield / 2015 / 30′
– I used to be darker / Matthew Porterfield / 2014 / 90′
– Putty Hill / Matthew Porterfield / 2011 / 89′
– Hamilton / Matthew Porterfield / 2006 / 65′

An atmospheric psychodrama drawn with equal doses of humor and terror, I’ll Be Thunder is the story of a family running a guest house on a remote tropical island over three days of mounting paranoia and paranormal shift. The film centers upon Joanna, owner of the rustic resort, who is awaiting the overdue return of her husband and slowly withdrawing from reality. Her psychic strain is further complicated by tensions with her family, and an influx of increasingly self-absorbed guests. Communications with the outside world begin to fail, spurring a wave of supernatural turbulence: gothic visions haunt the family’s dreams, deceased relatives seemingly return as wild dogs, fragmentary images from the past arrive as text messages and the daily boat from the mainland ceases to appear. To distract the children and guests from their desperate situation, Joanna and Maria carry on hosting nightly events, including a bonfire, a birthday party for Lola, and finally, a talent show. Days of wandering, waiting, playing and panicking culminate in a disastrous evening cabaret, marked by storms, disappearances and cosmic hysteria.Michael Robinson

João Dumans, Affonso Uchoa

Clément Cogitore

Martine Deyres

Basma Alsharif

Jonathan Le Fourn & Rémi de Gaalon

Ala Eddine Slim

Richard Brouillette