Thomas Carillon

For Thomas Carillon’s film, Avreeyal Ra sits into the driver’s seat again to guide us through Chicago. He used to be a taxi driver. Inside the vehicle, in silence, bit by bit, the musician conjures up John Gilmore, Sun Ra, John Coltrane, and shares with us a lesson on spontaneousness in music. Either playing the flute or percussions, the jazz multi-instrumentalist gives free rein to his creativity. On screen, a journey is often the metaphor of a film itself. Here, the camera is focusing inward, on a musician’s energy. (GG) (GG)

Technical sheet


France, 2016, Colour, HD, Dolby digital, 38’

Original version : english.
Subtitles : french, english.
Script : Thomas Carillon.
Photography : Lucie Baudinaud.
Editing : Baptiste Ribrault.
Sound : Marc-Olivier Brullé.
Casting : Avreeayl Ra.

Production & Distribution : Thomas Carillon (Wrong Films).

Filmography : Across the bridge, 2016, Djuke with On Ka’a, 2015