Amir Borenstein

Effi Weiss

A tale in verse, told and sung in the style of traditional Albanian iso-polyphony. This singing occurs during gatherings or popular celebrations. Iso refers to the drone, the note that is continuously sounded throughout the song, on which the polyphony is based. The lyrics chosen by artists Effi & Amir were gathered during the interviews. They settle down in unfinished detached houses. Those fragments construct the film. (GG)Amir Borenstein Effi Weiss

Technical sheet


Belgium, Albania, 2016, Colour, HD, 34’

Original version : albanian.
Subtitles : english, french.
Script, photography, editing : Amir Borenstein, Effi Weiss.
Sound : Kwinten Van Laethem, Gedeon Depauw.

Production : Effi & Amir Weiss & Borenstein (La chose à trois jambes).
Distribution : Thierry Detaille (CBA).

Filmography : Mnemonic Gymnastics, 2015, The Vanishing Vanishing-Point, 2015, Same River Twice ? 2013, Jessy Cooks – a web documentary, 2011, Epiphany On Vacation, 2010