Paul Marchand

Stephan Kijak

“Give me a gig!” As a prelude to his portrait, mind-blowing, inventive, gesticulating bass player Jaco Pastorius spontaneously declares: “Give me a gig!”, a set, a concert. Not only do Paul Marchand and Stephen Kijak recount the jazzman’s life, they also enquire about a special kind of gush, for which using yourself to the music is essential. The renowned guests are all famous musicians or relatives. The virtuoso met with success in his band Weather Report thanks to his dancing; his art comes down to four strings. (GG)

Technical sheet


USA, 2015, Colour, 110’

Original version : english.
Photography : Roger di Giacomi.
Editing : Paul Marchand.
Sound : Theresa Radka.
Casting : Jerry Jemmott, Joni Mitchell, Wayne Shorter.

Production : Robert Trujillo.
Distribution : Roger Mayer.