Bruce Weber

In May 1987, the shooting of this film, made step by step when Chet Baker was available, started out in Cannes during the premiere of Bruce Weber’s first documentary, Broken Noses. The introduction of the film was made on other, more Californian beaches – Santa Monica, Venice – and other scenes were shot in Paris. From bursts of laughter on TV to Italian movies, including pictures of a young Chet Baker, this portrait of the trumpet player and singer is intimate, rough and passionate. (GG)(GG)

Technical sheet


USA, 1988, Black & white, 35 mm, 120′

Original version : english.
Subtitles : french.
Photography : Jeff Preiss.
Editing : Angela Corrao.
Sound : Maurice Schell.
Casting : Chet Baker.

Production : Little Bear Films, INC.
Distribution : Pauline Bonnefond (Wild Bunch).

Filmography : A Letter to True, 2004, Chop Suey, 2000, Broken Noses, 1987