Mike Hoolboom

In the sixties, Jeffrey Paull gave a group of young people with autism the oppor- tunity to film themselves and the world around them. Mike Hoolboom draws from this archive to continue Paull’s mission: to express the emotions of people who are condemned by the authorities and by the other people’s perceptions to live in silence. Donna Washington, a former patient, comments the images and reports the obstacles she had to face before she was finally able to reach self-perception. (VP)

Technical sheet


Canada, 2015, Black & white, 16 mm, 18

Original version : english
Photography : Jeffrey Paull.
Editing : John Northrup.
Editing, sound : Mike Hoolboom.

Production & distribution : Mike Hoolboom.

Casting : Donna Washington.

Filmography : Buffalo Death Mask, 2013, Lacan Palestine, 2012, Mark, 2009, Fascination, 2006, Public Lighting, 2004, Imitations of Life, 2003, Tom, 2002