An van Dienderen

Norms don’t necessarily originate from where one would expect. We know about the so-called “China Girls”, these “Eurasian” women who were used by the film industry for the chromatic calibration of films, as genuine human colour charters. Exploiting archives and various materials, An Van Dienderen unravels the threads of politics, technique and aesthetics, to show how unspoken colonial representations contribute to the making of norms. (NF)

Technical sheet


Belgium, 2015, Colour, Mixed Media, Stéréo, 12’
With Argos collaboration

Original version : english.
Photography : Léo Lefèvre.
Editing : Fairuz N.A..
Sound : Laszlo Umbreit.
Casting : Maaike Neuville.

Production : Laurence Alary (Argos vzw).