Declan Clarke

In this film, the third part of the Geist Trilogy (the first was at 2013 FID), Delan Clarke starts with Courbet’s The diligence in the snow and enquires about the part of women in the Paris Commune. He does so through the prism of thriller. In Paris, a secret agent trails a woman who is herself on the traces of the Commune. Ignorant as he is, he disturbs History. Soon, ghosts will have their revenge.

Technical sheet


Norway, Ireland, 2015, Colour, 16 mm, Stéréo,35’

Original version : english.
Script, editing : Declan Clarke.
, editing : Declan Clarke, Irina Irina Gheorghe.

Production : Declan Clarke.
Distribution : Sarah Schipshack (VITAKUBEN).

Filmography : The Most Cruel of all Goddesses, 2015, Group Portrait with Explosives, 2014
We Are Not Like Them, 2013, On Our Own We Are Free To Do Many Things, 2012, Cologne Overnight, 2010