Hong Sang-soo

The image of the revolving door comes from a fable in which, to avoid the advances of a suitor reincarnated as a snake, a princess momentarily goes in a temple. She abandons the snake behind the door, during a terrifying storm. A symbol of frustration causing the admirer to go astray, blind to the signs the lady sends him. The pivot also settles the comic balance: the impulsive slamming of a door causes a young girl’s tears to fall, a sudden bravado ruins the chances of a laborious seducer, the actor Kyung-soo and a woman transgress the limits that he had laid down, in order to rebut the advances of a less attractive woman. (AT)Hong Sang-soo

Technical sheet


South Korea, 2002, Colour, 35mm, 115’

Original version : korean.
Subtitles : Français
Script : Hong Sang-soo.
Photography : Youngtaek CHOI.
Editing : Hahm Sung-Won.
Sound : OH Won-chul.

Production : Hanna LEE (MIRACIN KOREA).
Distribution : Claire Perrin (Diaphana).

Casting : Sang-mi CHU, Ji-won YE, Hak-sun KIM.