Constanze Ruhm

Émilien Awada

In Saint-Maurice, an apartment complex takes the place of a cinema studio destroyed in the 1970s. The presence of Constanze Ruhm and Émilien Awada’s camera reawakens the ghosts of two women and of films. Various birds invade the studio whilst their strident cries give a rhythm to the haunted neighbourhood. Behind daily life’s pretences, men and beasts alike seek to play a role in the film that is being reborn. (VP)

Technical sheet


France, 2015, Colour and B&W, HDCAM, Dolby Stéréo (SR), 24’

Original version : french, german.
Subtitles : french, english.
Photography, editing : Émilien Awada.
Sound : Arnaud Marten.
Casting : Laurent Lacotte, Caroline Peters, Judith Van Der Werff, Franck Dehner.

Production : Lucie Portehaut (Les Fées Productions), Sandrine Pillon (Les Fées Productions).
Distribution : Anais Colpin (Manifest).