Alejandra Riera

Faithful to his conception of filmmaking as a pooling of resources, Alejandra Riera proposes yet again, with the Brazilian collective UEINZZ, a “document-film”, an object which is by principle unfinished. This is a silent ohpera, with the “h” evincing both the muteness of what is still to be spoken as well as an exclamation. Made up of six tales and three interludes, this film interrogates the restoration of Columbus’ statue in Buenos Aires and evokes painter Courbet’s rôle in Paris Commune. This is an investigation wherein editing, unfoldings, connections and political protest are the real issues. (NF)

Technical sheet


France, Argentina, Brazil
HD, Stéréo
16 mm
Mixed Media



Original version : french, spanish, portuguese, sign language.

Subtitles : french.

Script : Alejandra Riera.

Photography : Alejandra Riera, Federico Bracken, Alejo Frias.

Editing : Des Yeux (Thomas Guillot), Alejandra Riera, Aloyse Leledy.

Sound : Facundo Gomez, Alejandra Riera.

Casting : Compagnie théâtrale UEINZZ, Mario Leoncio Barrios, Sergina Morte, Marame Ndour.

Production : Alejandra Riera (Riera), Peter Pal Pelbart (UEINZZ), Daniel Bohm (Bohm cinema).

Filmography : Histoire(s) du présent … – 2007 – 2009 – … Enquête sur le/notre dehors (Valence-le-
Haut) 2007 – … Enquête sur le/notre dehors (espaces de friction avec une normalité inquiétante),