Denis Darzacq

For this visit, part of the series to which belonged The Visit led by Pippo Delbono in Versailles, Denis Darzacq takes us to the Louvre museum. In spaces that are bereft of visitors, Liam, Anna, Jo-Anne and Paul, all English actors who are handicapped, discover, invent and experiment : here a dance with the Khorsabad frescoes, there a frenzied race. A free visit, where bodies and works of art engage in dialogue. (NF)

Technical sheet


France, 2015, Colour, HD, Stéréo, 16’

Original version : english.
Subtitles : french.
Script : Denis Darzacq.
Photography : Nara Keo Kosal.
Editing : Clémentine March
Sound : Pierre Bompy.

Casting : JoAnne Haines, Anna Gray, Liam Bairstow, Paul Bates.

Production & distribution : Jean-Marie Gigon (SaNoSi Productions).