Fabien Fischer

Djamila Daddi- Addoun

On a tourist boat, Djamila Daddi-Addoun and Fabien Fischer record the personal account of Gladeema, a Sudanese asylum-seeker. The hardships of exile are compounded by the feeling of not having departed, as though the country itself were following in the footsteps of those having fled. And, all around Gladeema, bounded by water and almost unrecognisable is the town of Sète, which remains out-of-reach. (VP)

Technical sheet


France, 2016, Colour, HD, Stéréo, 24’

Original version : english, french.
Subtitles : french.
Photography, editing, sound : Djamila Daddi-Addoun, Fabien Fischer.
Casting : Gladeema Nasruddin.

Production et distribution : Line Peyron (Les eaux de mars).

Filmography : Au temps pour moi, 2010 (FF), Jour de sortie, 2011 (FF), Un corps provisoire, 2012 (DDA), Virgule, 2014 (DDA)