Andrés DUQUE


Director : Andrés DUQUE
Country : Spain

Genre : Documentary
Length : 70’

Project state : Production
Budget : 165 000 €
Acquired budget : 80 000 €

Production company : Estudi Playtime
Producer : Marta ANDREU

Coproduction company, Spain : Intropia Media
Coproducer : Tània BALLÓ & Serrana TORRES

Estudi Playtime
– CUCHILLO DE PALO / Renate Costa / 2010 / 93’
– MORIR DE DÍA / Laia Manresa & Sergio Díes / 2010 / 98’
– LA TIERRA HABITADA / Anna Sanmartí / 2009 / 71’

Intropia Media
– LAS SINSOMBRERO / Tània Balló & Serrana Torres / 2014 / 60’
– AIGUAMOLLS / David Fernández / 2013 / 60’

Composer Oleg Karavaychuk is one of the most intriguing musicians in the history of Russia. A mysterious and enthralling character, few people know him in depth. With a very personal view on life and music, Karavaychuk, now 86 years old, finds the necessary inspiration to create extraordinary compositions in the streets and in the most important museum halls of his city, St Petersburg. From a unique creative process, which flows between what’s sensorial and spontaneous, Oleg’s music becomes the reflection of a complex life. The film will portray the creative process of this composer from an intimate perspective. We will be privileged witnesses of Karavaychuk’s creative process, following his new artistic project: the creation of a piece inspired by Hieronymus Bosch’s triptych “The Garden of Earthly Delights”. This process will begin in the majestic halls of the State Hermitage Museum and will continue to the Prado Museum, where he will play his newly created work for the first and only time.Andrés DUQUE