• An ukrainian youth



Elias Parvulesco

Teta Tsybulnyk

Svitlana Pototska

Elias Parvulesco Teta Tsybulnyk Svitlana Pototska
In 2017, Kyiv-based film/art group “ruïns collective” was founded by Elias Parvulesco, Teta Tsybulnyk and Oleg Isakov (see Room To Live). Three years later, commissioned by NGO-organisation Climate Art Labs, Parvulesco and Tsybulnyk collaborated with biologist Svitlana Pototska for this ruminative, cubist study of the Zamglai bog, a vast Dniepr swamp. Colour-distorted present-day footage is juxtaposed with archival materials—including text-extracts from Tsarist, USSR and independence eras—to questioningly probe the often-problematic relationships between this biodiverse area’s human and non-human inhabitants. (N.Y.)

  • An ukrainian youth

Technical sheet

Ukraine / 2019 / Colour / 9’

Version originale : ukrainian
Subtitles : english
Script : Elias Parvulesco
Photography : Teta Tsybulnyk
Editing : Elias Parvulesco, Teta Tsybulnyk
Music : Anton Prykhodko
Sound : Anton Prykhodko
Production : Elias Parvulesco (ruïns collective).
Filmography : zong, 2019
K-Object from LL-Group, 2019
dendro dreams, 2018.