Twittering Soul
(Žmogaus dalia)

Deimantas Narkevičius

Genre : Fiction
Runtime (min) : 60′

Production countries : Lithuania
Production company : Just a Moment
Producer : Dagnė Vildžiūnaitė

Project status: production
Estimated budget : 329 900 €
Acquired Budget : 163 950 €

Shooting countries : Lithuania

A summer afternoon before a storm. In an 1890’s interior, elderly manor governor warns how faeries come out of the lakes to mingle among people in such a weather. On his way to meet a fellow fiddler, reed-pipe player is taken aback by two girls talking about afterlife. One of them tries to cure her snake-bitten friend. Meanwhile, as they travel, both musicians begin to observe uncanny events, unable to discern fantasy from reality. In the farmhouse, visited by faeries, women spin yarn, while in the manor’s park, rich folks view stereoscopic pictures telling boastful stories. All of a sudden, the poisoned woman dies. The healer-girl sees her deceased friend walking with the musicians. She asks if the neighbours noticed, but they did not. The deceased whispers she would have said «what it’s like» after death, had her friend kept a secret. Ultimately, all gather for the funeral where archaic rituals intertwine with the practice of marrying a dead girl to an “afterlife groom”. Deimantas Narkevičius

Ben Rivers

Mauricio Freyre

Yves-Marie Mahé

Virginie Barré, Julien Gorgeart

María Paz González