Director : Cyril Schaublin
Country : Switzerland
Genre : Fiction
Length : 85’
Project state : Development
Budget :1000000€
% Acquired Budget : 21 %
Production company: Seeland Film Produktion
Producer : Michela Pini

A valley in northwestern Switzerland, 1872.
This is the tale of Josephine, who finds employment in a watch factory. She is instructed in the production of the axis of unrest (Unruh), a minute piece causing the swing in the center of the mechanical watch. Before getting paid and in order to finance her new life in the village, she borrows money from the local bank. Soon uneasy with the organisation of work and possession in the village and its factory, she joins the local anarchist worker movement of the watchmakers, the Fédération Jurassienne. There she meets Piotr, a moony Russian traveller. While straying through the close-by woods, Josephine and Piotr ask themselves: Who tells us the story about ourselves? Aren’t time, money, debts and the government all but fictions?
Cyril Schaublin