Under a blue sun
Dead Lands (Adamot Metot)

Daniel Mann


Genre : Documentary
Runtime (min) : 80′

Production country : Israel
Production company : Laila Films
Producer’s name : Itai Tamir

Project status : development
Estimated budget : 140 000 €
Acquired Budget : 10 000 €

Shooting countries : Israel, Palestine

When Bashir watches Sylvester Stallone riding a horse in the desert, he sees much more than Rambo. In between the frames, he sees the Naqab desert in Palestine, a land once confiscated by Israel and turned into popular locations for epic Hollywood films. He sees his lost home. No doubt, Israel’s climate simulates the Afghan steppe. But it was another advantage that made Israel a ‘natural’ stand-in for oriental warzones. Declassified papers from the Israeli Military Archive reveal bureaucratic exchanges between Hollywood executives and military officers, containing pitches and lists of weapons to be used as props in the making of action films. Guns, tanks, aeroplanes and, above all, desert lands, regularly used by the army for training purposes, were offered as lucrative film locations. Back in 1987 Bashir has been hired to make special effects and explosion for the film Rambo. Today he returns to those same locations to gather evidence that may prove that this land is tribal land.
Daniel Mann

Ben Rivers

Mauricio Freyre

Yves-Marie Mahé

Virginie Barré, Julien Gorgeart

María Paz González