Karim Nasr

ALBA Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts | Beirut, Lebanon

Karim Nasr (Lebanon, 2000) studied filmmaking at ALBA, the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts. As a filmmaker, he gravitates among realistic and daily themes and situations, often very concurrent with real world news and that he aims to highlight through a subjective point of view in his films. He opts for character-driven stories that outline the impact of the world’s actualities, truths, conflicts etc. on a person’s everyday life. He aspires to relate especially untalked facts and stories of middle-east countries.


ALBA, Beirut | Lebanon / 2021 / 15’

Having been working from home with severe lockdown restrictions for an extended period of time, Raghid receives an email one morning announcing that he has been fired from the company he has worked at for six years. Begins a dystopian journey, not so far from our present.